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Top 10 Clothes Brands
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Liz Claiborne

Liz Claiborne is best shop for Online shopping basically for women. Liz Claiborne is manufacturer of women's items like accessories, jewelry, bed and bath, fragrances and also clothing, including the latest fashions for women.

  Website :

Bebe stores is an American clothing company which designs, develops, and produces contemporary women's apparel and accessories. Especially for 21- to 35-year-old woman who "seeks current fashion trends to suit her lifestyle”. The bebe look attempts to appeal to a "modern, sexy, sophisticated, body-conscious woman who takes pride in her appearance".

  Website :

ABS style is Los Angeles based company providing original fashionable clothes for sophisticated young woman.

  Website :

Jantzen designs, manufactures, and markets apparel products including swimwear and cover-ups for women and girls.

  Website :

Marly's Produces and designs Italian clothing with a great variety of collections and an always updated style for modern woman, who loves to feel comfortable without forgoing elegance and femininity.

  Website :

CAMALGORI is the representative brand of Italian fashion. The CAMALGORI collection has been distributed since last 10 years in high quality boutiques throughout Italy and Europe and since 1990 also in the U.S.A., Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and other eastern countries. Creativity, Quality and Harmony match together to give a total guarantee, in order to protect the final consumer.

  Website :
Bisou Bisou

BISOU_BISOU French slang which means ''a little kiss'' bringing her parisian street fashion with a modern style to American women the collection incorporated sports wear, denim , and beautiful dresses along with licensees of shoes, outer-wear, handbags, accessories. In its 20 years journey it has become a global fashion leader with offices in Los Angeles, New York and Paris

  Website :

Carlisle's fashion collection, crafted for the woman who cares deeply about style and quality, combines the best of enduring and modern designs. Carlisle's fashions are current without being trendy, classic without being staid.

  Website :
Sara Mique

Sara Mique is offering beautiful, unique, feminine, fun and romantic clothes that flatter women of many shapes, sizes and ages. Sara Mique garments are cut from Elegant and Unique Laces, Silks, Velvets and ... Guests at countless celebrations and parties.

  Website :

The New-York based design-team develops four distinctive collections exclusively for DONCASTER using the very finest fabric from around the world and drawing inspiration to both contemporary trends and timeless classics. The level of services provided by a tanner consultant coupled with quality ,style and fit of cloth allows the company to offer their clients a premier product and a highly personalized experience of shopping.

  Website :