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Project brief

Project Udaan provides first generation learners with quality education thereby transforming not just their lives but also that of their future generations.

Purpose of taking this project

In rural India, there are many backward and uneducated parents who are not aware of the importance of education and the benefits linked with it and thus don't feel the need to get their children educated. Looking at the current scenario, there is a great need to transform the views and vision of these rural people so as to make them and their future generations capable of earning a decent living.

Scope of the project

Udaan will cover backward and rural students of the district.

Project details

Children from financially weak backgrounds are given financial aid. They are helped in getting admissions to boarding schools/professional courses. They are provided with essential soft skill training. They are exposed to Maa Foundation's career guidance program and they learn about their own abilities and the careers most suited to them. These children become role models and drive home the message of 'Prosperity through education.’

Project Deliverables

Udaan aims at

  • Equipping the first generation learners with quality education so as to enhance their chances of getting good employment opportunities.
  • Improving the lives of the next generations by transforming the rural students’ overall personality.
  • Providing rural students with education and skills so that they can compete with their urban counterparts
  • Education awareness penetrating the backward areas/regions.
  • This project aims at creating future role models out of these backward communities, so that future generations look up to these success stories. Maa Foundation is helping these communities financially and is making sure the above long-term goal is achieved.
  • Education awareness penetrating the backward areas/regions.
How we are different

This project provides not just better education opportunities to the first generation learners but also provides them with overall personality development so as to make them a role model in their community/ region and thereby influence the lives and vision of their families, community and their future generations.

Status till this date

1000 deserving and needy students have been adopted for educational upliftment.