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Project brief

Samarthan aims to become India's no.1 educational portal for students, parents & teachers providing single point of access to information related to education.

Online Interest and Aptitude testing.

Provides various career options.

Online English and computer learning.

Purpose of taking this project

India has very few educational web portals, moreover the details found on those existing portals is scattered and fragmented. Hence Maa Foundation believes that there is great need to develop a portal which would give personalized, interactive & comprehensive information to all the people of the educational community. Samarthan is our endeavor towards fulfilling this need of our country.

Project details

Samarthan presents educational information from diverse sources under a single portal. The details and knowledge provided is interactive & comprises of:-

  • Free Aptitude test:  This test helps the children identify their areas of aptitude and guides them in selecting a career most suitable to them.
  • Career options:   Stream wise classification of various careers and valuable information related to those courses.
  • Online directory:   A directory containing list of various online and correspondence courses available.
  • Infotainment: Games in the Fun Zone section and educational topics for children as well as adults in sections like daily digest, discover new facts and top 10 of everything.
  • Mock tests: Various mock tests for CAT and GMAT. Also valuable information for TOEFL, GRE, AIEEE and UPSC exams.
  • Admission procedures: Details about admission procedures for higher studies to U.S.A, Australia and U.K.
  • Online course: Presentations for learning/teaching basic English & IT.
  • Teacher's section: Assessment tests for teachers and presentations and articles on varied subjects for the benefit of teachers.
  • Soft skill development: Personality development tips and etiquette videos
Project Deliverables

Samarthan aims at

  • Providing free career information and guidance to students of all strata of the society.
  • Enabling teachers to take assessment tests and increase their knowledge and sharpen their teaching skills.
  • Providing online course for teaching/learning basic English & IT.
  • Providing an online directory that will give valuable information about various courses, colleges and universities.
  • Providing games and educational content to entertain and update the knowledge of the educational community.
  • Making available free mock assessment tests to students to prepare for various competitive exams.
How we are different

Samarthan is a one stop educational portal and will cater to the educational needs of not only the students but that of the entire educational community.

Status till this date

The portal was launched on 15th January, 2008