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Daily Digest - February 25, 2020
Daily digest is your daily dose of knowledge. There are 365 topics and each day will cover a different topic. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality. Click on archive and view all the topics of the year.
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“One world Many religions, Many religions One God.”
Every religion gives us precious message to live life.
Story time: -

Today I am going to tell you a story on Buddhisim. Buddha means the enlightened one.

Near Nepal, there was a town named KAPILVASTU. There was a king named SHUDHODHAN. He was blessed with a son. And the saint named Vashishth came to see the baby. Looking at the baby boy, he started crying. King was surprised. He asked,” what happened? Is something bad going to happen with the baby?” Saint replied,” Nothing bad is going to happen to the baby. No one in this world can do bad to him. He is going to be the saviour of this world. But it’s my bad luck that I will not be alive to see that day.” The king named the boy SIDDARTHA. He was also called as Gautam.

Astrologers told the King to keep Gautam away from old men, sick person, dead body and saint, and added that he should not be allowed to see these 4 kinds of people then only he could become a great emperor otherwise he would become a saint.

The king kept these things in mind and tried his best to keep him away from these 4 kinds of people. As Siddhartha grew up, he was married to a beautiful girl named Yashodhara. But one day, when king was not in his palace, Siddhartha went out for walking.

On his way, he saw an old man, who was in very bad condition with heavy wrinkles on his hands, without any teeth and his back was fully bent. He was not in a condition to walk properly

. Looking at him a thought came in Siddhartha’s mind,” Is he also going to be in the same position when he would grew old?” Moving ahead he saw a sick person and thought that a healthy person can become sick anytime. This means I would also become sick.

Little ahead he saw a dead body for the first time and got shocked. Because this man wasn't able to see, hear, speak, eat, or walk. He thought,” Is this going to happen to the people at the end of the life?” He was quite puzzled. He didn’t know what one should do in one’s life to get rid of all the things.

And suddenly he saw a saint who was sitting there in peace. Looking at him he said,” This is the one who is without any worries and is the happiest man.”

He thoughts I should also look for such a peace and make world happy.

Now he was seriously thinking about it. Meanwhile Siddhartha’s wife gave birth to a baby boy named Rahul But one night Sidhhartha left his wife and son and went in forest in search of peace.

He did penance for 6 years. After his penance he was called as GAUTAM BUDDHA. When he was doing his penance under the Peepal tree there came a musician with his instrument sitar.

He sat under the tree and started leveling the strings of the Sitar. When he levelled the strings tightl,y the wire broke while playing it. And when he loosened the strings, the sound was not musical. At last he tightened the string normally, the music sounded beautiful.

  This shows us that we should always choose the middle path. Buddha said,” MADHYA PRATI PRATA MARG.”  
Festivals of this month: -
  • 14th November Children’s Day
  • 27th November Thanks Giving Day
Guru Parb: -  

  • Guru parb is the birthday of Guru Nanak.
  • He founded the Sikh religion.
  • He believed all people are equal.
  • The path of right living is by serving and helping the people
  • Two days before his birth, the holy book Guru Granth Sahib is read. They read the book day and night without interruption. On Guru Parb day, the Guru Granth Sahib is taken out for procession from four famous Gurudwara namely, Amritsar, Patna, Anandpur (Punjab), Nanded (Maharashtra).
  • On that day, langars are prepared. All people visit Gurudwara, sit together and eat langar.

Guru Gobind, the tenth Guru of Sikh, ordered his disciples to take vow (Pahul) and wear 5 K's: -

  • Kesh (hair)
  • Kara (iron bangle)
  • Kirpan (Sword)
  • Katchha (Short trousers)
  • Kanga (comb worn on their head)

Kesh represent the vow, Kara for determination to give all luxury, Kirpan proclaims that Sikhs are martial race, Katch worn to be ever ready, Kanga worn to keep hair clean.

Tulsi Vivah: -On this day, Tulsi Kattle is decorated like a bride.Sugarcane and branches of Tamarind and amla planted along the tulsi plant. Various dishes are offered to Lord Vishnu.

Story goes this way: -

  • Tulsi came out of the ocean during Amrith Mathan as a sister of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • She too was the devotee of Lord Vishnu.
  • She wanted to marry Him.
  • But Lakshmi did not like the idea and cursed her to become a plant.
  • Thus the Tulsi plant was born.
  • But the merciful Lord Vishnu took pity and fulfilling her needs declared that when he would be in the form of Saligram she would remain close to him in the form of Tulsi leaf.

Good thought :- Middle path is the best path. - Lord Buddha. For example, If we eat food with less or more salt we don’t like it. But we like it when the salt is in proper proportion. List down 10 things which show you that middle path isthe best path.

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