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Unnati (Employability Training)

Employability Skills Training:

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After completion of studies, many students are not able to get proper jobs. By providing meaningful training, we try to enhance soft skills and employability skills to make the youth job ready.

Amongst other large scale education improvement projects, Maa Foundation is also working towards improving employability skills of today’s youth.
In this regard, Maa Foundation organizes employability skills trainings for the youth, who are jobless, in the age group of 18-25 years. These youth have raw potential, but need to be made job-ready and taught the essential work skills to succeed / excel in their professional careers.
The training program focuses on areas such as Corporate Etiquettes, Leadership, Punctuality, Communication Skills, Essential Work Skills, Basic English, Basic IT etc. which are essential in the work area.

Interested candidates can click following button to enroll.