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Visual' means visible and 'Art' means expression of traditional or new methods of one's own emotions, sentiments, feelings in different ways. There are various sectors of Art according to its own creativity/ mode of expression. We have different medium of expressing creativity i.e. Painting, Sculpture and Print Making.

Commercial Arts

Commercial Fine Arts is a relatively recent phenomenon in India which refers to the use of different art media for commercial functions. The term 'commercial fine arts' broadly focuses on painting, sculpting, applied art ,graphic interior design, ceramic design, mural design, metal craft, pottery design and painting. An individual needs to have keen observatory sense, perseverance, marketing skills and indomitable will power to pursue a career in this field of fine arts.


Dance in India derives its themes from mythology, legends and classical literature. It is said to have originated from 'Natya Shastra', which is a detailed script, written on all aspects of Indian dance. Classical Dance forms are based on ancient dance discipline and have rigid rue of presentation.


A wide gamut of literature is today available in English - some created in it, others translated into it. It is this wide spectrum of literature in English that the course aims to introduce. This is an intensive course and should serve as an excellent initiation for students who want to base their careers on an in-depth study of literature.

Fashion Technology

India which has always been a centre for the textile and garment trade is also growing into a centre of innovation in garment and accessory design. Fashion technology has a wide scope for choosing a career.


Geography deals with the aerial differentiation of the earth's surface. It includes study of factors such as physical features, climate, soil, vegetation, population, land use and industries all over world and their regional differentiation. Geography as a career options, thus provides multiple options to the young aspirants who have keen interest in different phenomena of the earth.


One needs to study the various historical events and happenings. The historical events are mixed, that is, it is of the own country as well as the world. The dates of the happenings as well as the origin and causes are studied in detail under this course.


Music is one of the most profound human achievements. It is a universal sound which can create emotions and express feelings. Music also soothes the mind.

political science

Political Science is the study of constitution of a country and different political aspects. It involves the study of governmental systems and operations. Accordingly, Political Science often studies the workings of trade unions, corporations, churches or other forms of groups that need not be 'political' as far as law and administration are concerned but have similar complexities of governmental procedures.


Psychology is a branch of science that deals with mental processes and behavior. It is the systematic study of human and animal behaviour, mind and thought. To pursue the career of a psychologist, one should have a genuine desire to help other human beings.