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USB Mat automatically locks down your PC when you leave

Security is always important when you deal with sensitive information. The most basic way to protect your PC from being tampered with while you’re away is to simply lock it down. It really doesn’t take much to do, a simple two-button combo and it’s secure. However, since many people either don’t know about locking their computers (or just don’t care) many computers are left wide open for attack. This is where the USB Mat from ProxMat comes into play.

This mat hooks into the USB port of your computer and uses pressure sensitivity to detect whether or not someone is standing on it. When you step away from your PC, it issues the “Windows Key + L” command, which if you didn’t know, will lock down your computer.

While this does seem to be a handy device for companies that want to keep things secure, I wouldn’t mind seeing a thin cushion that could be placed on one’s chair with a similar purpose. Let’s face it, most people work on a computer from the comfort of a chair.