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Discover New Facts
Future Cars May "Speak" to Each Other

A new prototype robotic ankle is now being tested on several people and could eventually be used to replace lost limbs for US soldiers who suffered injuries in the Iraq war.

Total solar eclipse

A Total solar eclipse will be visible in India on 22 July,2009 from early morning 05:28 hrs to 07:40 hrs according to IST - Indian standard Time.

The Sun in A Chip: Era of Solar Devices Not Too Far

With advancements in photovoltaic, material and chemical sciences, and notable leaps in semiconductor manufacturing technologies, solar cells are definitely gaining ground.

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Robotics: Do you have it in you?

The robotics industry is growing at an exponential pace in India for the last few years. Let’s explore whether it could be your forte.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing users can avoid capital expenditure on hardware,software and services when they pay a provider only for what they use.

Push Email

Push is a mobile application which will allow users to access 5 emails in one mobile phone.Push is a product of consilient,it adds blackberry type functionality to normal mobile phones.

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Breakthrough: A Time Machine, at Last?

Time traveling is being transferred from fiction to reality. A new time machine concept could accomplish an old dream mankind has always had, enabling future generations to travel into the past.

Computer Spread Aromas!

A movie does have image, does have sound, but you cannot ... smell the action. However, this ‘problem’could soon be solved. Maybe not so soon, but the first step has been made: computer-controlled aromas.

Desalination Through Nuclear Power

The predictions regarding the evolution of population growth suggest that by the year 2025 more than 3.5 billion people living in different areas on the globe will suffer from severe fresh water shortages.

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"Electromagnetic Wormhole" May Make Us Invisible

It is humankind’s never-dying dream, from the oldest myths to SF movies. Now, could the "electromagnetic wormhole" make us invisible? A team led by Allan Greenleaf of the classical wormhole,

Flying Cars Are Coming Next Year

Though the idea is not relatively new, and many prototypes have been built over the years, history suggests that an aero-auto hybrid would be a complete failure, since its construction is a compromise between the two functions,

Fuel Cell Prototype Works with Toxic Waste!

While some groups of scientists are still struggling to develop the highly efficient hydrogen fuel cells they have promised some decades ago, others are slowly moving towards alternative solutions that would not only burn fuel,

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New Experiment Suggests the Use of Carbon Dioxide as Fuel

The basic principle of this idea is somehow similar to that of the water electrolysis method, meaning partly energizing the atoms of the two chemical elements until they break up to form oxygen and carbon monoxide,

New Hydrogel Can Repair and Regenerate Human Tissue

A new biomaterial, called hydrogel, can be injected into wounds where it starts repairing damaged tissue and regenerating it, opening the way for revolutionary treatments for injured soldiers.

New Motor, Powered by Light

The new invention, which harnesses the power of light to convert it into mechanical energy, was designed and demonstrated by a team of Japanese researchers, who have proven that they could provide solutions to the mechanical controls that cannot use electric motors.

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New Organic Materials for Making Solar Cells

Solar cells use the light of the Sun to produce electric current, through an effect known as the photoelectric effect or the Hertz effect, due to its discovery by Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.

New Technique Allows Paralyzed People to Operate a Computer

This technique could turn Stephen Hawking into a hacker. The pressure waves in the ear induced by tongue movements could help paralyzed people interface with computers.

Non-Conventional Power Sources. Energy from the Waves

Alternative power sources are essential for future human growth. As early studies show, conventional fuels like petrol, natural gas or coal are not going to last forever, and in the near future, actually in 50 years, we will have nothing else to burn,

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Paper That Needs 700° C to Burn

Titanium dioxide or titanium white fibers, used to produce that tough material that won't burn, being resistant to bacteria and which can be written on - are now closer to commercialization.

The Battery of the Future

A battery is in many cases that which impedes the size of many gadgets and implantable medical devices from dwindling. That's why the battery of the future is lightweight, ultra thin and completely flexible.

The Smart Anti-accident Cars of the Future

Humans are tricky drivers, that's why a team at Sandia National Laboratories outside Albuquerque, NM, created by the Pentagon and a major auto maker is going to develop the smart cars of the future, primarily with military applications, for transporting troops and equipment.

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What Is Behind the Migraines?

Is that headache killing you? Or is it making you kill yourself ? Now, French researchers have connected activity in the hypothalamus nucleus of the brain to migraine attack. This area has been connected for a long time to headaches caused by physiological processes, like hunger.

Wireless Power Transmission May Soon Be a Fact

Unlike other ideas proposed by certain people, including filling up the atmosphere with colloidal carbon in order to block the sunlight and cultivate seaweed to extract the carbon dioxide excess, it seems that, at this year's UN climate conference, the Pentagon finally had a realistic solution for an alternative electric energy source.

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