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Project brief

Vidhya is our scholarship project, whereby we provide financial assistance to students who are both, deserving & needy, so as to enable them to reach their fullest potential.

Our target is 5,000 students of Valsad district & 3000 students of Amreli& Bhavnagar districts, for education in India at the undergraduate /graduate/ postgraduate level, every academic year.

Purpose of taking this project

Private schools/professional education is still a prerogative of the affluent masses; unfortunately because of this, academically bright but financially deprived children are not able to continue their studies/pursue quality education, mainly due to financial constraints. Vidhya extends a helping hand in terms of monetary support to such deprived bright students.


Project details

Advertisements are given in prominent regional dailies for reaching out to all scholarship applicants, along with the eligibility and procedure information. Students are then called for a personal interview, along with their parents. The scholarship amount each deserving student is eligible for is determined after a personal interview.

The potential and financial background of students is assessed, their credentials are verified and their plans for the future are discussed. To help these young scholars continue to excel and give them focus, academic targets are mutually agreed upon and set. Everything to make sure that only deserving students continue to receive the scholarship. Above all we have specially designed a software (in-house) to track the progress of over 10,000 students and have their details always at hand, even after they stop receiving our aid; the same is done to make sure our scholarship is earning compounded returns for the society, in times to come.

Project Deliverables

Vidhya will make sure:

  • Each and every deserving, yet needy student of Valsad, Bhavnagar & Amreli district is able to study upto his / her fullest potential.
  • Act as a ray of hope for parents who are financially weak.


Status till this date

10,000 (Deserving and needy) students have been provided scholarships which have approximately covered 6000 students of Valsad district and over 4000 students of Bhavnagar and Amreli districts annually. More than 3600 Undergraduate, 3000 Graduate, and 1000 Post-graduate students have been benefited under the project.

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