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Step Up
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Project Brief

Step up is an innovative method of teaching in which the curriculum is divided into units and each unit is taught to the students with the help of various types of activities. This method improves the teaching- learning process.

Purpose for taking the project

In majority of the government primary schools it is observed that there is shortage of teachers, which results in an imbalanced teacher: student ratio. Moreover there is lack of proper infrastructure in some schools. All this leads to multigrade classrooms due to which the quality of education imparted is greatly hampered. Students lack conceptual knowledge and have no interest in pursuing further education. In such a situation, to improve the effectiveness of the teaching- learning process it is essential that the teachers be equipped with essential skills and tools to handle the multigrade situation.

In order to address this problem and to actively engage the students in the teaching- learning process Maa Foundation has adopted an innovative method of teaching which is called the Step up approach.

Project Details

Maa Foundation has adopted an innovative method of teaching which is called the Step up approach. In this method the the entire curriculum of each standard is divided into units. Each unit consists of:

  • Introductory activities
  • Reinforcement activities.
  • Evaluation activities
  • Remedial activities
  • Enrichment activities
  • Conducting Annual day in school.

Cards and workbooks are prepared containing different types of activities for different subjects. There are various symbols and colour used for differentiating between the type of activity, the class to which the activity pertains and the subject.



Class 1: Pink color cards

Class 2: Green color cards

Class 3: Golden color cards

Class 4: Silver color cards



Math: Technology symbols
Language: Transportation symbols
EVS: Nature symbols

The activities are completely teacher supported, partly teacher supported, peer supported or independent activities. In this system the role of the teacher is that of a facilitator. It focuses on concept clarity, where the center of focus is the child, thereby engaging the child in learning. Puppet shows, mothers stories, crafts, mime & mimicry, local songs, riddles, children stories, herbal medicinal knowledge are all part of the curriculum thereby implementing the 'Learn with Fun' method.

The other major advantage of this system is that it allows the students to learn at their own pace thus giving equal opportunity to both fast and slow learners.

The evaluation method makes sure that each student is able to grasp whatever is taught to him before he moves to the next step or level. The appraisal system built into the design allows both remedial and enrichment activities for students addressing the last child in the classroom. This method ensures that all the students have 100% content knowledge at the end of the year.

How does Step-up make a difference?

  • No textbooks
  • Teacher’s role is that of a facilitator
  • Local specificity in the curriculum
  • Including Art & Craft/ Role-play/ Mime & Mimicker/ Puppets in the teaching learning process
  • Breaking down the curriculum into meaningful activities
  • The class is learner driven and not teacher directed

Every year a Math Fair is organized by the children so as to involve the community members in the school activities.

This model is very cost effective and easy to replicate.


Every year Math fair organized by the children so as to make learning math fun just like a fair, and to relate the concepts of math they have learn in classroom to real life situations. The fair is open to all the members of the society so as to engage them in the activities of the school and to spread the importance of education in and around the area.

Main aims and objective:
  • To involve the community members in school activities.
  • To help the community members recognize the importance of schooling and education.
  • To create awareness that engaging students in learning through activity based education will help in bringing down the drop-out ratio.
  • To relate mathematical concepts those are taught in the classroom to real life situations by conducting Math Fair.
  • To bring awareness among community members regarding health and hygiene.
  • To make the children aware of the main aspects of education; which is
    • Communication
    • Analyzing
    • Logic
    • Reading and Understanding what is explained without mistakes and strengthening these capacities in the children.
  • To make the child aware of mathematical concepts
    • Communication
    • Addition, Subtraction
    • Place value, Fractions and
    • Measurements that are very useful in our day –to – day life.
    • To bring about scientific and logical thinking in children.
  • To recognize and expose hidden talents of children.
Project deliverables

The Step up approach of teaching:

  • Improves the concept clarity of the students
  • Allows each student to learn at his/ her own pace
  • ensures that all the students have 100% content knowledge at the end of the year
  • Implements the concept of 'Learning with fun'
  • Makes learning Math fun with the help of 'Math Fair'
  • Helps the children to relate the concepts of math they have learn in classroom to real life situations.
  • Involves community in the school activities
Status till this date

Maa Foundation has implemented this method of teaching for 1st and 2nd standard students of 6 schools of Valsad district.

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