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Science on Wheels
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Project brief

Science on wheels is a bus which has been converted into a mobile science lab for the benefit of rural students of 5th to 8th standards.

Purpose of taking this project

The project is primarily aimed at increasing the scientific temperament of the students in the rural areas, so that they can opt for science related careers and enhance their employability chances in the future.

Project details

Science is a subject which cannot be learnt just within the four walls of the classroom. For this subject to be taught effectively the teaching method should be interactive, interesting, live and challenging. However, the facilities like a science laboratory in order to give the students the benefit of hands on learning or the facility of showing them scientific videos related to their curriculum in order to improve their concept clarity is not available in rural areas. Hence the knowledge gained by the students is limited to what they learn from the text books and also they do not have the required concept clarity as they do not get to feel or experiment for themselves the various scientific concepts or facts learned by them.

In order to give the rural students of 5th to 8th standard better concept clarity and to attract them towards this seemingly difficult subject, Maa Foundation has converted a bus into a mobile science laboratory. The bus is equipped with audio-visual equipments, counter tops, cupboards and a generator. Activities like showing educational videos, experiments or hands on activities, teaching with the help of educational toys and display of science models mapped to the curriculum are conducted with the help of this bus.

Project Deliverables
  • Improving concept clarity of the children through hands on learning.
  • Showing them real life applications of the scientific concepts learned by them in class.
  • Exposing children to knowledge beyond what is there in the text book through scientific videos.
  • Attracting them to the subject so that they can choose science related careers in the future.


Status till this date

55,000 students from 234 schools have been covered for the Science Bus activities and over 50,000 students and their parents have benefited through the Math Fair which includes approximately 22,939 students annually in both the sections.

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