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Project brief

Gnyan enhances the quality of teaching by conducting training programs & motivating teachers and also by giving them due recognition & incentives, in order to bring an improvement in teachers’ attitude.

In Gnyan, we also provide Newspapers (NIE – Newspaper in Education of “The Times of India” and Navneet “NEWSHOUSE”) to some teachers and students of the schools in Valsad district.

Purpose of taking this project

Teachers are the backbone of the education system.

The learning of students is very closely linked to the quality of teaching in schools. However, very little is done to update the content knowledge and sharpen the teaching skills of the teachers. Also, in order to be an effective teacher; one should be a lifelong learner.

In this fast changing world of technology, the teachers need to keep pace with the changing times by sharpening their teaching and technological skills, at regular intervals. Maa Foundation conducts teachers' training workshops in order to improve the teaching skills of teachers and help them keep pace with the changing times.

The standardized Teachers Training workshops conducted by Maa Foundation are of approximately 20 hours; divided into 3 days (approx. 7 Hours each day). The training is a combination of various presentations, videos and reflective, interactive and experiential activities. More than 12 topics like creative and innovative methods in teaching, anger& stress management, classroom management, Role Model School, best educational practices in the world, theory of multiple intelligence etc. are covered under this Teachers Training Program. Above workshops are typically converted needs based, as per the group of teachers involved or the school’s needs.

Scope of the project

Gnyan plans to cover all the teachers of Valsad district. The newspaper project covers students of Valsad district as well as Daman. Silvassa and Dadra Nagar Haveli.

Project details

In order to understand the difficulties teachers might be facing on a regular basis and to know about their thoughts/opinions in view of improving the current education system, a survey was carried out, by requesting them to fill up a detailed questionnaire related to the various issues faced by teachers today. There are around 6000 teachers in Valsad district, out of which scientific sampling of around 1000 teachers was done. After taking into consideration their responses to the questionnaires, Maa Foundation started conducting felicitation functions to give them their due recognition and acknowledge the innovative teaching methods adopted by various teachers.

Felicitation functions are conducted each year where teachers are felicitated with cash and other awards for using innovative methods and/ or technology in teaching and thereby increasing the effectiveness of the teaching learning process. Competitions are conducted where teachers prepare lesson plans and the teacher with the best lesson plan is awarded for their innovative methods in teaching. These lesson plans are circulated to other teachers so that other teachers can follow the practice and improve their teaching skills.

In this gloablized world just curriculum based knowledge is not enough. Hence to increase their knowledge beyond what lies in the text books, Project Gnyan circulates newspapers among the students. It helps instill in them the valuable habit of reading. Every year scrapbook competitions are held where students are required to submit scrapbook made on newspaper cuttings from on various topics. This motivates them to inculcate the reading habit and increases their general knowledge.

Project Deliverables

Maa Foundation believes that

  • Teachers once motivated, will bring about the required educational reform.
  • This will bring about awareness as well as give recognition to the best.
  • Others will also be motivated to do better & prove themselves.
  • Instill a healthy competition in teachers to out perform each other & excel in their role as a teacher.
  • Every student will form inculcate reading habit.
How we are different

Unlike the government’s incentive schemes, we not only will provide incentives but also give recognition and publicity which is very important in the society, so that the teacher gets their due recognition. Our assessment will not only give importance to their knowledge but also to their capabilities to deliver their knowledge which matter most.

Status till this date

1650 school teachers have been provided professional training, 241 teachers have been felicitated under the teachers’ section. Every week approximately 42,500 copies of newspaper (student edition) are circulated to Valsad District school students by Maa Foundation.



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