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Science covers a broad group of subjects with in the areas of Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Maths includes Statistics and computing. Physics include specialisms in astronomy, astrophysics, electronics or engineering. Biology covers animal science, plants science, zoology, environmental biology, conservation biology, ecology, marine biology, human biology, anatomy, bio chemistry, botany and psychology. Chemistry covers work with colours dies and paints and also the science of material from concrete to textiles. It also covers the study of drugs and poisons, toxicology and pharmacy.

Psychology can be classified as a science which includes behavioral psychology, and elements of maths, physics, biology and chemistry.

Apart from specific single subjects, there are some general and combined science courses. These are modular and enables students to specialise later on.

Courses are generally lead to the award of a BSc degree. Some degrees include an extra year and lead to an MNatSc, MChem , MSc, MPhys and MMath. Some maths, psychology and general science degrees lead to a BA degree because they do not contain a high scientific content.

The science degrees commonly last for 4 years and many include and extra year, spend working or studying. A number of courses also includes the study of a foreign language. some degrees include a foundation year. These accept student with out the usual required qualifications and are intended to bring students up to standard in basic science subjects.

The universities having Science Departments :

  • University of Bristol, Faculty of Science
  • University of East London, Faculty of Science and Health
  • Heriot-Watt University, Department and Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics
  • University of Lincolnshire and Humberside, School of Applied Science and Technology
  • Napier University, Department of Mathematics
  • University of Stirling, Department of Psychology