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Getting the Visa
Procedure for obtaining a visa

There are three basic things that a student must do for getting a student visa to the UK: receive an unconditional letter of offer from the university, demonstrate adequate funding showing they will be able to cover fees and living expenses and return to their home country at the end of their course

Unlike the US, an interview with a visa officer is very rare in case of the UK."It's essential that a student should address any concerns a visa officer may have in their statement of purpose and back it up with adequate documents," says Singh.

"Interviews only take place when the visa officer is unhappy with the application where the candidate has failed to follow instructions or requires clarification," says Rao.

Reasons for rejection

Rao outlines two main reasons for visas to the UK being rejected."Its lack of funding and applying to a university not recognised by the Home Office," he says."If funds have not been in the account for long, it's best to provide a paper trail of where the funds have originated from," agrees Ravi Lochan Singh, managing director of Global Reach, a leading foreign education consultation firm.