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Admission Procedure

After choosing a list of colleges you want to apply-you can look at the application procedures.

  • Collect the Address and E-mail ID of the chosen universities which offers your   interest of subjects.Contact for more information, application forms and financial aids at least a year (between June and August) before you plan to enter.
  • Most of the universities offer filling up the application forms online these days. So, you have to fill the application form online,  in which you have to mention your academic background. Universities will charge a certain amount of money for filling up the application form, the amount depends upon the university, but it will be between 50-200 USD.
  •  Register for all the required pre-requisite admission tests such as TOEFL,GRE SAT, and ACT (in U.S only) for a Bachelor's programme or Undergraduate study; and TOEFL, GRE and GMAT for a masters or doctoral programme (Graduate study and research.) These tests are standardised and have centers around the world. 
  • You should have the passport before you give any exams like TOEFL,GRE,GMAT etc. Without passport, you cannot give any exams.
  • You can report your test scores upto 4 universities for free after completing your test (GRE,TOEFL etc.).If you want to apply to more than 4 universities, than you will have to report them online by GRE, TOEFL official websites.
  • Credit card will be needed while registering for the exams, filling up the application forms, and reporting your scores to the universities.
  • Keep all your academic records including an official credential evaluation of the 'marks card' (known as Transcripts in USA) ready. These records should include certificates of achievement in co-curricular and extra curricular activities.
  • Approach atleast 3 of your teachers in school or professors who have taught you in college for reference letters. Teachers who know you thoroughly can provide a balanced reference of your ability to pursue advanced studies. Keep these letters ready.
  • Make a list of at least four courses you want to take up. Check whether these courses are available in India's colleges or Internet study option. If they are not available it is a good reason for convincing the Visa officer to give you a Visa. 
Application Forms

As mentioned, application forms can be filled online on the respective universitiesí websites. After filling up the application forms, you will have to report your test scores to the universities along with the documents mentioned while filling up the forms. The documents include your academic documents, letters of reference from your teachers, affidavit of support from your father, bank certificate mentioning you have enough source to pay the college fees.


Normally in the USA universities there are more than one intake. Most of the universities have atleast 3 intakes, which starts from January, April and September. So, you may chose anyone of them as per your need. 


Acceptance Letter

The admission office of the college will inform you whether your application has been accepted or rejected, by sending you an email. If your admission has been granted than, you will be provided with the acceptance letter which is also called form I-20, which you will have to carry with you when you go for the visa interview.

If you are accepted you may be required to pay a deposit usually of one semester or a full years tuition fee for reserving seat, before a certain date.