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Ken means range of vision/knowledge. This project aims at making quality education available to the rural schools of Valsad district and making each school a ‘role model school’ by training and employing local youth of the district.


Status till this date: 24 program officers and 386 education officers have been trained and deployed in 386 schools of Valsad and Amreli districts of Gujarat. The following number of students has been covered and benefited in the project with various need based education, training and resources till date:

  • 23340 weak students have been  for minimum level education.
  • 32822 students of class 3rd have been trained for advanced math.
  • 41451 students have been taught English language.
  • 82608 students from 1068 schools have been provided basic computer education.
  • Health education sessions have been taken on every Saturday in the all the schools.
  • Implementing pre-defined extracurricular activities in all schools.
  • 1, 54,000 school bags including stationary have been given to Class I students on the every first day of academic year.
  • Implementing role model school concept in more than 250 schools of valsad district.
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Step up


In some government primary schools, it is observed that there is shortage of teachers and / or classrooms which results in an imbalanced teacher: student ratio and multi-grade single classroom. Due to this, the quality of education imparted is greatly hampered. In order to address this problem and to actively engage the students in the teaching- learning process, Maa Foundation has adopted an innovative method of teaching which is called the Step-up approach.

Step-up is a multi-level multi-grade innovative method of teaching in which the curriculum is divided into units and each unit is taught to the students with the help of various types of activities.The activities are completely teacher supported, partly teacher supported, peer supported or independent activities, thereby reducing teacher load and allowing weaker children to learn at a slower pace. In this system the role of the teacher is that of a facilitator. It focuses on concept clarity, where the center of focus is the child, thereby engaging the child in learning.


Status till this date: Maa Foundation has implemented this method of teaching for 1st and 2nd standard students of 6 schools of Valsad district.


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It is found that the students that graduate have the required bookish knowledge, but lack essential soft skills like communication skills, right attitude required for team work, public speaking abilities, problem solving attitude etc. that are required for succeeding in work life. Moreover they also lack essential social and human values required in order to live a happy and satisfactory life. Due to this, inspite of possessing high education, they are not able to live a happy and successful life.

Project Parvarish equips students with essential soft and social skills by organizing 5 to 7 day personality development camps in which they are introduced to various topics like leadership qualities, manners and etiquettes, communication skills, time management, SWOT analysis, India’s economy and its future etc. through presentations as well as activities.

They are taught essential human values like respect, patriotism, honesty, self discipline etc which can help them lead a happy and satisfactory life. They are taught meditation techniques essential for maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Students are also taken on educational and industrial tours in order to give them a glimpse of real life working environment.


Status till this date: Over 8,000 students have participated in personality development camps till this date.


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In the rural areas of India, there is very less awareness about difference types of educational and  vocational  courses available to the students. Moreover they are not aware of their own interests and aptitudes; hence they are not able to make informed career decisions. Disha is a program that provides career guidance to the secondary students through career guidance program, which is conducted using career talk and aptitude test. The Aptitude test is conducted using Personal Response System (PRS), an indigenous technology and software based assessment, which can cater to the masses. This helps the children select a career based on their aptitudes and areas of interest.


Status till this date: Over 85,000 students have received career guidance under this project till date. Every year  approximately 45,000- 50,000 students from class 8 to 12 have been covered under this project.

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Higher education is becoming more out-of-reach of many sections of the society and for those students, who are both, academically deserving and economically needy, project Vidhya is their ray of hope. It is a scholarship program that provides financial assistance to undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students of Valsad, Amreli and Bhavnagar districts of Gujarat.

The scholarship amount each deserving student is eligible for is determined after a personal interview. The potential and financial background of students is assessed, their credentials are verified and their plans for the future are discussed. To help these young scholars continue to excel and give them focus, academic targets are mutually agreed upon and set. Efforts are made to ensure that only deserving students continue to receive the scholarship.

The project greatly benefits financially weak parents. While students rest assured that their hard work and academic dreams are now backed up financially by the MAA Foundation.


Status till this date: 10,000 (Deserving and needy) students have been provided scholarships which have approximately covered 6000 students of Valsad district and over 4000 students of Bhavnagar and Amreli districts annually. More than 3600 Undergraduate, 3000 Graduate, and 1000 Post-graduate students have been benefited under the project.


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There isn’t a profession more honorable than spreading knowledge. Gnyan is a project designed to felicitate teachers and to upgrade their knowledge and skill by exposing them to various activity & AV based training programs.

It also circulates newspapers among students to instill in them the valuable habit of reading, followed up by quiz, scrap book & essay competitions.


Status till this date: 3,000 school teachers have been provided professional training, 241 teachers have been felicitated under the teachers’ section. Every week approximately 42,500 copies of newspaper (student edition) are circulated to Valsad District school students by Maa Foundation.

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Growth and prosperity are possible only through education. However, when children come from financially weak backgrounds, the importance of education isn’t always felt.  Project Udaan provides first generation learners with quality education that can transform their lives and the lives of generations to come.

The children are empowered with knowledge that helps them drive home the message of ‘Prosperity through education’. They receive financial aid, admissions to boarding schools and professional courses, soft skill training to shape personality, and exposure to career awareness programs. Their academic and personality growth are monitored right through their student age, so that they are able to emerge a part of tomorrow’s mainstream society and be a part of India’s growth story.


Status till this date:1,200 deserving and needy students have been adopted for educational upliftment.


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Today most of the graduates are not found to be directly employable as they lack essential soft skills and English / computer knowledge. Project Vikas aims at empowering the rural graduates with essential skills and quality knowledge and provide them proper career guidance, which is presently available only to their urban counterparts, so as to help them pursue professional courses and/ or increase their chances of employability.


Status till this date: 800 rural graduates have been groomed and trained for skills required for professional courses.
163 students have taken admission in various professional courses till date.



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Samarthan is an educational portal with information on every area of education. It is a single window that provides information absolutely free of cost to students, teachers, parents and the entire education community.


Status till this date: The portal was launched on 15th January, 2008


Science on wheels

The project is primarily aimed at increasing the scientific temperament of the students in the rural areas, so that they can opt for science related careers and enhance their employability chances in the future.

In order to give the rural students of 5th to 8th standard better concept clarity and to attract them towards this seemingly difficult subject, Maa Foundation has converted a bus and some vehicles into mobile science laboratories. The bus is equipped with audio-visual equipments, countertops, cupboards and a generator. Activities like showing educational videos, experiments or hands-on activities, teaching with the help of educational toys and display of science models mapped to the curriculum are conducted with the help of this bus and vehicles.


Status till this date: 55,000 students from 234 schools have been covered for the Science Bus activities and over 50,000 students and their parents have benefited through the Math Fair which includes approximately 22,939 students annually in both the sections.



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Math Fair

Maths fair is a fair organized by the children in which various games and activities are conducted, related to various concepts of Maths learned in school, so as to make learning Maths fun and to engage the parents and the society in the activities conducted by the school.


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Community Projects

Apart from the above projects, Maa Foundation has various other community projects for the welfare of the society.



Project Saath aims at creating a 'Role Model School' by improving its infrastructure, quality of education and by using    creative methods in the teaching-learning process.


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To learn in detail about the above projects visit the individual sections pertaining to those projects.