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Daily Digest - July 14, 2020
Daily digest is your daily dose of knowledge. There are 365 topics and each day will cover a different topic. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality. Click on archive and view all the topics of the year.
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Tell me Health depends on which thing?

We have told you about it.
How much do you follow it in your routine life?
We will continue with second diamond. The second Diamond is Health.
HEALTH is the first happiness of the life.
In health, first thing is that we must have lots and lots of energy.
When we lose energy, we feel weak.
List down the things, which give us energy.


I’ll tell you. When we do not eat the food we feel weak and lose our energy.

FOOD- gives us energy. Eat food in proper quantity.

AIR- Air is an important part, as we need air to breathe.  We have told you the way to bring the breathing process in rhythm. We have told you about the Pranayams. We can live without food but not without  air. The fresh air from the outside is very important. We breathe in air and the air is passed
in the whole body, which helps us to live healthy.

EXERCISE- We have briefed you about different types of exercises. Do the Exercise and be healthy. Pranayamas is also a part of the exercise. Do the exercise, which is useful for your body.

WATER- per kg you should drink 30 ml of water i.e. if you are of 20 kg then you should drink 4 glasses, 40 kg drink 8 glasses and so on.

SLEEP- is a very important part for the health. We should sleep in equal quantity not too much that we have body pain and not too less that we feel lazy. Ideal sleeping hours are 7-8 hours. Children should take 9-10
hours of sleep.

Take care of the above mentioned 5 points and implement them in your life


Positive Change:

The emperor Ashoka  conquered many new lands, but he changed himself into warfare and began to work according to the non-violence belief of Buddhism. He became Buddhist after seeing the horror caused by the war fought by him. After that he decided to serve the people on humanity. He included being honest, kind,merciful, generous, thoughtful and truthful. He called it the conquest of Dharma. Dharma means “the right way of living.” He went to the country side to preach his belief of Dharma . He passed law to prevent cruelty to humans and animals. He made hospital for humans and animals.  He planted trees on roadside, dug wells watered shed, built rest house.


Good thought: - Choose to do what is right.  Believe what you are doing is important. Use thinking and feeling together.

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