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Daily Digest - December 1, 2020
Daily digest is your daily dose of knowledge. There are 365 topics and each day will cover a different topic. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality. Click on archive and view all the topics of the year.
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I will tell you a story of a Tolstoy One day two angels changed their costumes to saint and came down to Earth. One of the saints was a teacher and other was the student. Both were walking through the forest.

Suddenly it started raining, so they decided to stop at King’s palace. They went there to ask for shelter and some food. King allowed them to stay for a night and gave them some food to eat. King does not desire to keep them in beautiful room. So he ordered his servant to keep them in the room downstairs.

At night as they all were asleep, suddenly the student heard a noise. He got up and saw the teacher repairing the wall. The student asked,” Why are you repairing the wall? You know that this king did not behave properly with us. He gave us dirty room to stay.” But teacher replied,” That’s God’s desire.” In the morning, they left the palace and went on their way.

They reached the house of poor family. There were two members in the family and earned their livelihood by selling buffalo milk. Teacher and student decided to stay there for a night. The old woman called them in and greeted them. Woman washed their feet and gave food to eat.

As the house was small, teacher and student slept inside the house and the old woman and man slept out in the buffalo shed As they were sleeping, student heard the sound of crying. He woke up and saw that old woman was crying as their buffalo was dead. Looking at this the student was surprised and asked teacher,” you are so powerful and you are doing nothing.”

You repaired the wall at king’s palace even when he treated badly with us while you are doing nothing to help these people who greeted us so nicely.” The teacher replied,” This Is God’s Desire.”They went on their way.

The student was confused and angry on teacher and asked him,” You helped the king and not the poor family WHY? Teacher being calm replied,” King’s father left some hidden gold coins so that they did not face any difficulties. The gold coin were in that wall so I repaired it and no one would get it. Student asked,” But what about the poor family?” Teacher replied,” at night when you were asleep, YAMRAJ’s doot came to take life of an old woman. But I requested to take life of the buffalo and not of the woman because the old man had no one other than woman.” Student came to know why this happened. Thus it is rightly said, Everything happens with God’s desire.

  God know about the needs and he gives us accordingly. Write 5 sentence on spirituality:  


Good thought :- “Children have an attitude of forgetting the sorrows immediately. Even when you grow up, be like children i.e. Forget the sorrow immediately.”

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