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Daily Digest - January 18, 2021
Daily digest is your daily dose of knowledge. There are 365 topics and each day will cover a different topic. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality. Click on archive and view all the topics of the year.
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Presentation skill

Today is a trend of presentation. And it should be. Whatever you learn and remember will be of no use until and unless you have the skill to present it in front of everyone. Your ability and the skill of presentation should so powerful that everyone is convinced by your eloquence.

Take for example: - You purchased a new dress, you try the dress at home to know how it looks on you. But until and unless you wear good accessories, comb your hair, it will not look good on you. Dress yourself in such a way that everyone praises you.

Take another example: - When you write any answer in exam until it is presentable, it will not be convinced to your teacher. Whenever Guests arrives at your place for a dinner, You make variety of dishes for them. But when you present it on a dinning table very beautifully, it show your skill of presentation. These are example of presenting your view, thoughts, talk, things in front of others. Here is a short story of a boy and a girl. They both studied in the same class. The boy was good in studies but the girl was not so good. But she had something in her. That was her presentation power. Boy got less marks in examination while the girl got good marks because of her presentation power. Her convincing power was very good. Whatever she used to say everyone listened to her. As you can see that girl was average in studies but good in presentation made her best among others. Presentation is judged on basis of following: - Body language: -the way you stand, use the space provided and the way you move your hands etc.

Eye contact: - your eye contact with the people sitting in front of you shows your confidence to speak. Voice: - your tone of speaking. It should neither be too aggressive nor too shy. It should be such that everyone is convinced with your speech.

You need presentation in each and every stage of life. Like in group discussion, project etc. Even when you watch TV, you are convinced by the advertisement because of its presentation power. The advertisement has presentation and presentation has convincing power.

Here is an example of famous actor Vivek Oberoi: - Once Ram Gopal verma wanted a man for TAPORI role. As soon as Vivek came to know he changed his get up. He dressed himself as Tapori. Took his photo album and went to his office. As soon as he entered, he threw the album on the table. Sat on a chair, kept his legs on the table and said, “ROLE DETA HAI KYA?” This was his presentation skill. And with his skill of presentation he convinced the director. And the director signed him for the movie. So friends, you too get ready for presenting yourself in front of others. Yeh Friends! you did presentation but until and unless there is follow up it is of no use.

For example: - You went to a car show room with your family. The salesman gave you an excellent presentation about the car and you were convinced with his presentation. You came back with an idea of buying a car. But because of some reason you were busy and forgot about it or you have changed your mind. But the salesman calls you again and again for the car. This was his follow up and thus you decide to buy the car.


Dale Carnegie said,” There are always 3 speeches for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave and the one you wish to give.” The speech you wish to give should be in your presentation. That is to give your best


Good thought :- What makes the toughest thing the easy one? It’s the care.

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