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Daily Digest - April 5, 2020
Daily digest is your daily dose of knowledge. There are 365 topics and each day will cover a different topic. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality. Click on archive and view all the topics of the year.
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A 12 year old girl asked for her mother’s photograph.
Her mother asked Why?
She replied,” For the project.”
After few weeks when her mother went to school for parent-teacher meeting, she
saw her own face on the chart on which it was written ‘Oldest thing in my house.’

Vocabulary : -    
Swear   to take an oath.
Sway   to rule over.
Swathe   to wrap up closely
Swash   to boost
Sward   grassy ground.

“Necessity is a mother of invention.” - Irish proverb

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