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Daily Digest - August 11, 2020
Daily digest is your daily dose of knowledge. There are 365 topics and each day will cover a different topic. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality. Click on archive and view all the topics of the year.
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Hi Buddies! Today is not an entertainment day. Manu is out of station so I am here with you. I am going to school. But before I go I will give you some food tips. On which topic................? Yes, I will tell you about nutritional school lunch box. 6 days in a week, 6 questions. What’s in lunch box?

6 answers: - 1. Pulses, it is very important for children of your age. You can take different variety of pulses in lunch box like boiled chana chat, sprouted moong chat, mix pulses bhel, pulses paratha, sabjis like Red bean, moong sabji etc.

2. All types of flour items like chapati, brown bread sandwich, dhokla, muthiya, stuff paarthas, idlis, dosa, sheera, laddus, franki etc.

3. Variety of food like, Sabudana ki khichdi, poha, mamra with cut vegetables, paneer pakoda, paneer paratha etc.

4. Different types of fruits cut them into pieces with skin. Even if you don’t like to eat fruits, when you are hungry you will take it and thus your interest in fruits will increase.

5. Vegetable dish like potato dish ( stuff paratha, finger chips, potato chatni chat), mix vegetable paratha. Mix vegetable noodles, mix vegetable chat etc.

6. Anything of your choice. But take one banana with you everyday. Banana because we can eat it quickly. You can even take other fruits also.

Today, we are going to do the Relaxation -


Method: -
  • Lie down
  • Take a deep breath in and breath out slowly.
  • Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful colour.Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful colour.
  • Whatever colour you see first is right one for today.
  • The colour you think of, imagine that colour is filling you up from inside.
  • When you are ready to come up, slowly turn one side, sit up slowly and notice how you feel.

Benifits: -

  • Relaxes your body muscles.
  • You feel enlightened.
Amazing Astronauts:

If you are kept in different atmosphere away from your family, totally different environment, without gravity, you cannot stand straight and just float in air. What will you do? These are the situations faced by the astronauts. They can’t take bath. They can only take sponge bath

They can’t unrinate or stool in space. There is a connection bag which sucks the waste. There is separate waste management compartment.

Food and liquid is pushed in their mouth.

They cannot stand in space. When they return to the Earth they can’t stand, they need support of others. After returning from space they are kept under observation. They face problems like indigestion, swelling, constipation, headache. They face these problems for 4 to 5 days. Even after facing so many of problems, they conduct research , repairs. They are doing this research for we human being. We should salute those people who went in space and those who contributed and helped these people to go in space. So many people went in space.

Among them was Sunita Williams. She lived in space for 6 months. She broke the record of Shenon Lucid, 54 years Russian Woman who lived in Mir Space center for 188 days. Sunita Williams went 385 km away from Earth and lived in 7 floor space center as big as 2 football grounds. The space center is ISS ( International Space Station). She took a long space walk of 29 hours and 27 minutes. She took part in American Marathon from the space itself. She showed her mental as well as her physical ability. So children, what have you learnt from this example? You can also show the same kind of determination, will power, mental and physical abilities in your work..


Good thought : - Make a habit of mummy taste. That means develop a habit of doing things, which your mother likes.
For example before telling lies just think, mother will like it or not? This will help you to avoid bad habit

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