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Daily Digest - November 30, 2020
Daily digest is your daily dose of knowledge. There are 365 topics and each day will cover a different topic. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality. Click on archive and view all the topics of the year.
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Technology :  

Hey Buddies! Have you visited any construction sites? No, then if possible, visit there. If yes, then you must have seen a crane lifting heavy materials like a big marble, pipes etc. A crane is a machine used to lift heavy materials or move them without using much of the power.

How much energy does this crane have? Lots & lots of energy. But how can a crane lift very heavy materials? Imagine, a man lifting a heavy marble in his hand. He will not be able to move at least 2 steps, as it’s too heavy for a man to lift such a big marble. But if we use pulley instead, the work will be easier. The answer is here.

Yes, a pulley and a gear are used in a crane to lift a thing. Archimedes’ invention of Law of Motion is used in crane. A pulley is made from a wheel and a rope. It is used to make lifting easier. A single pulley changes the direction of the lifting force. For example, if you are lifting a heavy object with a single pulley anchored to the ceiling, you can pull down on the rope to lift the object instead of pushing up. The same amount of effort is needed without a pulley, but it feels easier because you are pulling down. If you add a second pulley, the amount of effort to lift the heavy object is much less, half as much. However, you will have to pull the rope further. A double pulley can help you to lift objects you could never lift without it.

Perfect Kids:
  • Obedient
  • Polite
  • Confident
  • Disciplined.
  • Healthy
  • Caring
  • Sharing
  • Helpful.
  • Innovative
  • Hard worker.
  • Imaginative.
  • Forward looking.

Facts :-

Asbestos is material that does not burn in fire. That is why fire fighters wear suit made of Asbestos.


Good thought: - “ Einstein was great scientist and a good violin player Homi Bhabha was a great scientist and good artist Condalisa Rice, secretary of George Bush is a good musician Art is very important for life. You should develop any skill of art from childhood

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