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Daily Digest - December 6, 2019
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Hello Guys! When you are watching Sports channel on TV- a game about which you do not know the rules. You find it boring and lose your interest. So why not understand the games with rules and gain more and more interest in it. You will start playing it and one day you be an expert and world class player. So let’s start with our National game.



Lawn Tennis


Singles- 2 players, Doubles- 4 Players


1 Referee, linesmen, ball boys (picking up the balls)


Racket, net, tennis balls


There are 3 types of court surfaces:

Clay court - red or green clay considered ‘slow’. The speed of the ball losses and bounces higher.

Hard Court -made up of cement or coated asphalt. Considered as faster court. The ball bounces low. Hard hitting players get advantage of this court.

Grass court - made up of grass. Considered as fast surface court. Has the fast surface, low bouncing court but if the grass

is healthy or newly mown, the court features

Professional player wears different shoes according to the surfaces.1 set = 6 games. To win the game the difference of two games should

In case of tie breaker a one more game is to be played. are 4 points in each game- 15, 30, 40 and game.



Foul done by the attacking team results in free hit for defending team from top of the circle. There are more chances of hitting goal in penalty corner.


the main Grand Slam tournaments for the tennis are; French Open, US Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon. Other tournament like FED Cup, Devis cup etc.

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