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Daily Digest - June 16, 2021
Daily digest is your daily dose of knowledge. There are 365 topics and each day will cover a different topic. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality. Click on archive and view all the topics of the year.
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I am going to tell you a story of a proud sculptor:

Once, there was a sculptor. Whatever he made always looked real. The time of his death was near. In order to protect himself from the angel of the death, he made exactly similar looking, 7 statues of himself. The statues he made looked real. He slept in between the statues. The angel of death came. When he saw the statues he was totally confused about the real one.

He went to the God of death and told him that he was not able to identify him. The God of death gave him an idea. When the angel of death came and saw all the identical statues along the real sculptor, he used a clever trick. He said loudly that everything was perfect but something was missing. Listening to this,the real sculptor jumped up and said No, No, No whatever I made was perfect. Then the angel of the death caught him and said,’ this is your mistake “ he caught him by the neck and the sculptor died.

“ Ego is bigger than any crime”
  • History is a witness of the fact that every war has taken place because of Ego.
  • The person who is egoist will never learn wisdom.
  • Uncontrolled pride is a symbol of stupidity. Pride, no doubt is helpful but it should be within limit.
I am going to tell you another example related to the topic.

The story of two boys named Rahul and Viral. They were in the same class. Both were brilliant in studies and in other activities. They were good friends. But the difference was, Viral was loved by everyone while Rahul was not. Why? Think over it.The reason is clear that he was arrogant and proud. He always ignored others. While Viral always helped and he was not proud ofhimself. Rahul faced many difficulties in life but Viral succeeded in life with less difficulties. If you want to succeed in life, leave the arrogance back and you will reach on the top.

Phone Manners:hone Manners:
  • Talk slowly, politely, sweetly while receiving the call. Like Hello, how are you, may I know your good name please.
  • If the person is not at home note down the message. Convey the message to the respective person.
  • If you know the person calling, wish him/ her.
  • If the call is not yours say ‘Just hold on please’ and call the respective person.. Say sweet words while ending the call. Like ‘ thanks for calling’, Good day’.
  • If there is wrong number say politely , ‘ Sorry, Wrong number.’ Talk should be short.

Good thought: - Leave the EGO behind to Go ahead. Ego is the hurdle to the development of your personality. Leave the arrogance and spread fragrance of modesty.

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