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Daily Digest - October 19, 2019
Daily digest is your daily dose of knowledge. There are 365 topics and each day will cover a different topic. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality. Click on archive and view all the topics of the year.
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“Magical Kingdom”-Disneyland The Happiest place on Earth :-

One man: :

Walt Disney


Magical Park

Vision: place where parents and children can have fun together.

Creation and New Ideas:

Built rivers, waterfalls, mountain ranges, flying elephants, giant teacups, castles, moon rockets, scenic railways.

Priority/Target: Location was the top priority.
Finding way: He could not convince the financiers as it was his dream and dream does not offer any security. He did not lose his confidence, found out the other way to get finance. He took support of the television. He offered television series like Disney Hours etc. This way he brought the idea of Disney land into reality.
  Children, creation, new ideas, imagination, vision are the words which we hear in day to day life. Walt Disney was the man who used these words practically and created MAGICAL KINGDOM  
Solving the tough and unavoidable questions: How to make the wild animals believable that aren’t real? How do you make a Mississippi paddle ship? How do you go about building huge castle in the middle of Anaheim, California.
Beginning of dream: Construction of the Disneyland on July 21 1954, 12 months before the park was scheduled to be opened.
5 Uniquely different lands:

Entrance of Disney land: to bring back the happy memories. He wanted the entrance to be ‘wennie’ i.e come this way. People won’t go down a long corridor unless they get something promising.

Adventure land: created the atmosphere away from civilization in the jungles of Asia and Africa.

Frontier land: stories of America’s past. Frontier that is the tribute to the faith, courage and ingenuity of the pioneer who blazed the trail across the America.

Fantasy land: it was the goal to make dream come true. It contains classic stories like Sleeping Beauty, Fantasy Villages, Peter Pan into reality for the youngsters of all ages to participate in.

Tomorrow land: Marvels of the future. Designed to give opportunity to participate in adventure that are the blueprints of the future.

Obstacles: faced problems till opening day like, finding best location, finance, designer misunderstood the concept. On opening day the heat was 110 degree Fahrenheit, plumbers were on strike and few water fountains were operating.
Tremendous Progress:

First day (1955) 28000 visitors, after 10 years(1965) 50 million visitors. Disney Land has its branches in various countries around the world.

A man with:-
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • New ideas
  • Planning
  • Confidence
  • Broad Vision
  • Passion
  • Success

Good Thought :- Behaving Good with others, you can enjoy with others and can become ideal
for others.” Happiness is a flower which never withers.

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