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Daily Digest - September 23, 2019
Daily digest is your daily dose of knowledge. There are 365 topics and each day will cover a different topic. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality. Click on archive and view all the topics of the year.
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Hey Buddies! There is a saying ‘prayers goes up and blessings comes down.’ We get blessings when we pray but there are something which cannot be changed and we have to accept it as it is.

story : -        

Once there was a saint. He was very close to God. He used to talk with God. One day while he was talking, he said,”OH God! Give your power to handle the universe. God replied,”OK! I will give you my power but you have to do one thing. Saint asked,”What?” God replied, ” Go to the mosque, take a bowl of water and stand on your one leg.” Saint went to the mosque, took some water in a bowl and stood on his one leg.

The night passed, but in the midnight he started feeling sleepy and fell down


The next day the saint went to God and said, “OH God! I can’t even handle one bowl of water. How can I handle whole universe? You only handle it.” God is after all God. One cannot take His place.

Here is another story for you: -

Once there was a saint. He was very close to God. He used to talk with God. One day while he was talking he said,” Oh Lord! Why do you give so much trouble to ladies? God asked, ”What kind of trouble?” Saint told,” The pain they bear at the time of a deliveries.” The God replied,”Let the things be the way they are.”But saint replied,”No, take the pain and you only give birth to child. You give the birth to child in Pumpkin.” God agreed to do so.


The next day God gave birth to the children in a pumpkin. Parents came and took the children which were beautiful and left the black or handicapped ones.

The saint asked the parents,”Why are you leaving the other child?” Parents replied,” we want beautiful children.” The saint went to the God and said, ” Let the parents bear the pain.” They have no values for the things they get without pain.”

Don’t blame God for any kind of pain you get.
Thank God for every situation of your life.
Munificence of Mother:

There was a boy named Raju. He always got first position in studies and in extra activities. One in school prize distribution function he was called to take prize. While he was getting down the stage he saw his mother sitting. His mother was very happy. He saw some of his friend making fun of his mother. He did not like it. He developed inferiority complex in himself. He went in hostel for studies. He grew up and became business man. Meanwhile his mother died. One day he was invited as a chief guest in his village school. He went their met some of his old friends and went in his old house. There he found one paper with something written by his mother. He read ,” Dear son, I know you felt inferior because of me. But there is something which cannot be changed. When you were small in an accident you lost your one eye. You don’t face any problem so I gave my eye to you. Don’t feel bad reading this but I know you love me very much.” Reading this his son cried a lot.

Good thought : - Accept your mistakes

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