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Daily Digest - September 22, 2020
Daily digest is your daily dose of knowledge. There are 365 topics and each day will cover a different topic. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality. Click on archive and view all the topics of the year.
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He was born on 15th October 1931. He belongs to poor but honest and cultural family. His full name is ABUL PAKIR JAHANGIR ABDUL KALAM

He was born in Rameshwaram in Tamil nadu. He lived in his father’s old house in Masjid street. The famous temple of Rameshwaram was 10 minutes away from his house. His father was a poor boatman. He took people from one place to another. Even in such a condition he sent his son in Rameshwaram High School. His neighbours were Hindu. Abdul Kalam learnt the Hindu holy book BHAGWAT GITA. He is a pure vegetarian.

At the age of 13, he joined the Squad High School for study even in such a bad condition. His father gave him blessings. He got love and guidance from his teacher. For his higher studies he went to TRICHNANPALI and got admission in the St. Joseph College. He did B.Sc and was interested in Physics research.

He took Admission in MIT (Madras Institute of Technology). There he learned Aviation Engineering course. There only he thought to become pilot and cleared the exams. He topped all the exams required to be cleared. He joined as a trainee in Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. in Bangalore and after completing training he became an aeronautical engineer.


He got two chances: - Air Force (pilot) Director of Technical Development and Production. He gave application for both the jobS and appeared for the interview. First time he went in the northern part for interview. After a week he had to go to Dehradun for Air Force interview. Out of 35 candidates 8 have been selected and his number was 9. He missed this chance and was very upset. He went to Rishikesh and took a bath in sacred river Ganga. After having bath he went to Shivanand Ashram. There he talked to the saint Shivanad. He told him about the interview. The saint told that no one can change the destiny. Whatever happens, is for good reason. We should accept whatever God does.

Afterwards he went to Delhi and got an appointment with the monthly salary of Rs. 250. He joined as an assistant of a scientist. He was transferred to Bangalore. In Aeronautical Development Establishment (Bangalore), he made complete Indian Air craft and named it NANDI. Prof M.G.Menon from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research visited there to see his project. But Abdul Kalam didn’t know that he was from Tata Institute. Then he got the letter of the interview for the post of Rocket Engineer. Prof M.G.Menon and Vikram Sarabhai took the interview. He accepted the invitation and was selected.

1962: Thumba in Kerala decided as the Rocket launching center. Abdul Kalam was sent to America for training. Before going there he went to meet his family. His family was very happy and they thanked God. After 6 months of training he returned back to India. India got the gift from America NIKEE APACHEE. He took the responsibility to launch NIKEE APACHEE and was successful. The entire team of scientists and technologists was motivated and became more confident. The decision of SLV and artificial satellite to be launched in India was taken.

1967: ROHINI 75 was launched in Thumba

As India is a developing country, we have to depend on Foreign countries for weapons. They gave us the old weapons and took lots of money from us.Abdul Kalam was given the responsibility to make missile. He studied about it and found out that we need 4 types of missiles: -

  1. Land to land missile to destroy enemy’s fighter tank, ships and weapons.
  2. Land to sky missiles to destroy enemy’s fighter airplane and protect from enemy attack.
  3. Sky to sky missile to find out enemy and to destroy it there in.
  4. Sky to land missile to find out the enemies and destroy their main center.


He worked on SLV (SATELLITE LAUNCHING VEHICLE). He made rocket and missile. Due to his contributions India stands 6th in the world in missiles and technology.

  • 1975: ISRO was fully under government.
  • 1976: His father died
  • 1980: Launched SLV3 successfully. Thus India became 5th in Launching satellite.
  • 1982: He got the degree of doctorate due to his service to mankind.
  • 1984: Devil Mission for Lashkar was successful. Rajiv Gandhi Visited the Institute.
  • 1985: TRISHUL missile was successfully launched.
  • 1988: PRITHVI missile was successfully launched. Western countries were not happy with the success and 7 countries decided not to give resources to us.
  • 1989: AGNi missile was successfully launched.
  • 1997: He got Bharat Ratna award.
  • 2002: on 25th July he became 12th president of India.

Facts :-

In the country of Tibet it is good manner to stick out the tongue at the guest.


Good thought: - People who study others are wise, but those who study themselves are enlightened.

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