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Daily Digest - May 26, 2020
Daily digest is your daily dose of knowledge. There are 365 topics and each day will cover a different topic. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality. Click on archive and view all the topics of the year.
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Children, according to you which is the world’s precious gift.

And it is Blessing. And you know we get this gift from parents, elders, needy people (helping them) , making others happy etc. We get blessings by praying God.Blessing makes our life beautiful. Children, always keep this in mind, prayer has lot of strength. And I am going to tell you a story on it.

There was an old woman. She lived with her husband in a hut. They were very poor. Her husband was suffering from disease and was at the last stage of the disease. They didn’t have anything to eat. The old woman decided to sell the copper utensil and bring some food in return. She went to a grocer’s shop and told the grocer to give some pulses, cereals in return of utensil. But the grocer denied saying ”Who is going to buy this utensil? Go from here.” There was a customer standing in the shop. He told the grocer to give her the things equal to the cost of the utensil and he was ready to pay the cost. The grocer agreed.

Grocer put the copper utensil on one side of the scale and some rice, dal, wheat etc on the other side, But it was less than the weight of utensil. He put some more items but still it was less. He put as much as one month Ration for her. The shopkeeper and the customer were shocked. How can a copper utensil weigh so much? So they looked inside the utensil. There was a paper. Something was written on it. It read,” Oh God! you know my need and you give me whatever I need.”We learn from this story, that there is lot of strength in prayer .

A man was going abroad, so he went to a saint to take his blessing. As the man went away, the saint started crying. The people sitting beside him asked what happened? Saint replied, this man will earn lots of money but while returning he will die. The man while going on his way met the grandson of the saint. He asked the boy to give blessing to him. The boy gave him the blessing. The man went abroad, earned money and decided to come back. He was coming back with elephants, horses and lots of money. On his way he sat under the tree to take some rest. He fell asleep and saw a dream that someone was coming to kill him. He woke up and ran quickly to his village.

He went to meet the saint. People were shocked seeing the man alive. They asked the saint,” You told that this man will die but he is alive.” The saint replied, ” When he came here to meet me I knew that he will die but after leaving from here he must have taken blessing from someone else also.” The saint asked the man. The man replied,” I met your grandson and took his blessing.” This shows strength of blessing. These stories show that we can get health, wealth, fame from prayers and blessings. Always do good work and take blessings.


Good thought: - Most of the children have passion of watching cartoons on TV. It is waste of time. Do you want to become cartoon hero or a real hero? First complete your work and then watch TV. TV gives you temporary happiness. Watch Tv for 1 hour only.

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