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UPSC Exams
Central Police Forces

As a police officer you will never be short of excitement or adventure. Each day is different. The job profile of a Police Officer is rewarding, challenging, and very unpredictable..

Civil Services Exam Scheme

To be a part of the Indian Civil Services is a dream nurtured by most young Indians. The Civil Service is a pioneer in quality stakes with equality of pay, status and promotions granted without any bias.

Combined Defence Services Examination

Clearing the Combined Defence Services exam will lead you to a job with one of the three wings of the Indian defense forces i.e. the army, navy or the airforce. The main function of all these three is to defend and protect the country against all external and internal threats.

Combined Medical Services Examination

This exam is conducted to recruit medicos into a variety of Central Government organisations and services like the Indian Railways, Indian Ordinance Factories Health Service, Central Health Services, Municipal Corporation of Delhi etc.  

Engineering Services Examination

When we use the roads, railways, air transport, the telephone, the internet, the water works and so many other facilities provided by the government, we are using the facilities provided by the engineers working for the government


Geoscientists use their expertise to keep the energy resources and raw material from the earth safe and available.

Indian Economic/Statistical Service

Out of several careers offered by the Government sector, Indian Economic Service (IES) offers an attractive opening to graduates in Economics.

Indian Forest Service Examination

IFS officer act not only as custodian of forests under his area of responsibility but also are instrumental in protecting and preserving the environment and wild life. This exotic satisfaction of protecting forests, environment and wild life also adds a lot of adventure to the job.

National Defence Academy

The National Defence Acamedy Examination is the first route into the oficer cadre of the defence services in India- Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy

Special Class Railway Apprenctices

A job in the Indian Railways is considered quite cushy and prestigious. The Indian railways have made a remarkable progress in attaining self-sufficiency in equipment.

Section Officers/Stenographers

 This exam is conducted for the Section Officers Grade and Stenographers Grade-I/Grade B of the services in various departments of the government.

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