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Crazy Pipe Dreams $30,000 Computer Desk System

It’s not often you’re going to hear me say that a $30,000 computer and desk is worth it but this “Pipe Dreams” system from Out of the Box Technologies just might actually be worth it. Currently listed on eBay (no bids yet!), this insane desk features a PC with an i7 Intel Quad Core Extreme Processor, 3.2 GHz quad core processor, 6 GB of RAM, a 1.6TB hard drive and all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a computer.


The crazy part is the mad scientist style integrated desk with pipes and neon lights everywhere. There’s a specially designed heat transfer system that removes the heat from each individual component with a wall of fans. You’re gonna need it, cause this thing is hot! And oh yeah, the beer sign and lava lamp are included!