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Daily Digest : Your daily dose of knowledge.   Discover New Facts : » Future cars.   » LED's   » The Sun in A Chip.   » Robotics.   » Artificial Plastic Blood.   » Bacteria will Probably Produce Fuel for Our Cars.   » Breakthrough: A Time Machine, at Last?   » Computer Spread Aromas!   » Desalination Through Nuclear Power.   » "Electromagnetic Wormhole" May Make Us Invisible.   » Flying Cars Are Coming Next Year.   » Fuel Cell Prototype Works with Toxic Waste!   » New Experiment Suggests the Use of Carbon Dioxide as Fuel.   » New Hydrogel Can Repair and Regenerate Human Tissue.   » New Motor, Powered by Light.   » New Organic Materials for Making Solar Cells.   » New Technique Allows Paralyzed People to Operate a Computer.   » Non-Conventional Power Sources. Energy from the Waves.   » Paper That Needs 700° C to Burn.   » The Battery of the Future.   » The Smart Anti-accident Cars of the Future.   » What Is Behind the Migraines?   » Wireless Power Transmission May Soon Be a Fact.

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Maa Foundation
Shri G. M. Bilakhia Cricket Stadium
Opp. Bilakhia House,
Muktanand Marg, Chala,
Vapi - 396 191. Gujarat, India

General inquiry : +91 8140403100 / +91 8140409100
Scholarship for Valsad district only: +91 8347500012

2. - For Scholarship only
3. -
For Career Counseling only


Maa Foundation,
"Jeet", Plot No.2130/A,
Atabhai Road,
Bhavnagar - 364001.

Tel. : 0278-2568891
Mo. : +91 99244 88994

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