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Latest Computer Gadgets
Apple Launches Fastest-Ever Mac Pro

The new Mac Pros run on dual Intel Quad-Core Xeon CPUs and a system architecture with "up to twice the performance of its predecessor."

Samsung unveils next gen hybrid gadget

A South Korean model poses with Samsung's SPH-P9000 Deluxe MITs (Mobile Intelligent Terminal), the world's first WiMax device. Photo: AP

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Waterproof MP4 Players

We’ve seen a number of waterproof MP3 players come across our desks but a waterproof video player has been a little harder to come by.

Swiss Memory USB

The Swiss Memory USB is the perfect marriage of technology, practicality, materials, and quality design.

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Watch with Radio, Video and MP3

Gadgets go, this watch looks pretty cool. Not only is it a watch, it comes with a radio and has a 1.5" video screen.

USB Turntable

Of course a much more productive use for the USB Turntable (rather than attempting to scratch) would be to transfer all of your old vinyl to your computer.

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Virtual Keyboard

The QWERTY key arrangement is display on any surface you wish and detects your fingers as they touch the displayed keys. You can adjust the sensitivity to your touch movements.

USB Mat automatically locks down your PC when you leave

Security is always important when you deal with sensitive information. The most basic way to protect your PC from being tampered with while you’re away is to simply lock it down.

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Wi-Fi Signal Status for You and the World!

Here at ThinkGeek we're pretty lazy when it comes to technology. We expect our gadgets to do all the busywork while we focus on the high level important tasks like reading blogs.

Voice Recorders:

This 4 GB USB MP9 Digital Pocket Video Recorder Ballpoint Pen is a mini DVR (Digital Video Recorder) which combines a color camera and recorder in the shape of a pen that actually writes!

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Mini Monitors!

Looking for that extra bit of screen real estate to get you through those busy days?

Memory Sticks:

1GB USB 2.0 Portable MP4/MP3/FM Radio/Recorder w/1.5" LCD - With this digital voice recorder

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Portable Radios:

Lobe Man (r) FM Radio - Tuck this radio in your ear for the lightest.


I Port - make your I Pod even more fun to use. Here it is... the iPort...

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Since watching or playing in silence just won't do, these sweet Personal Cinema headphones.


A gadgets go, this watch looks pretty cool. Not only is it a watch, it comes with a radio and has a 1.5" video screen.

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Laptop Sleeve that’s Also a Winter Hat and a Scarf:

Sure technically you could slip your own ski hat over your laptop to make a sleeve or put your laptop. Sleeve a top your head but this multifunctional accessory from Ding lab.

OpenOfficeMouse has a Mere 18 Buttons:

It’s refreshing these days to see a gadget go away from the “less is more” design and go with the “more is more” theory of gadgetivity.

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Monster Laptop Stand Will Scare the Keys Right off Your Keyboard:

That’s how scary the Monster Monster Laptop Stand is. It just scared the keys right off this Macbook. Just hit cmd-z and the keys will return no worries.

KeyScan: A Keyboard with Integrated Scanner:

If your job (or home life) involves doing a lot of typing and scanning, nothing is more convenient than the Key Scan Keyboard Scanner , a keyboard with an integrated document scanner. Scan from the comfort of your desk!

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Elecom’s Magnetic Memory Card Reader:

Elecom announced an interesting memory card reader today- one with a magnetic backing.

Crazy Pipe Dreams $30,000 Computer Desk System:

It’s not often you’re going to hear me say that a $30,000 computer and desk is worth..

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$200 CPU Stand from Neiman Marcus is Basically a Decorated Wood Box:

“Camouflage your computer’s CPU with this decorative wooden stand with intricately carved medallion”.

The Stunning Thermal take Level 10 PC Case:

This may looks like a well-made homebrewed PC case mod but it’s actually a commercially produced PC case from Thermal take called the Level 10.

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