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Eligibility and Course Duration Industry Size Industry Growth Individual Growth Best Colleges
  • 10+2 Science
  • Bachelor’s degree for post graduation
  • Master’s degree for higher education
Geography deals with the aerial differentiation of the earth's surface. It includes study of factors such as physical features, climate, soil, vegetation, population, land use and industries all over world and their regional differentiation. Geography as a career options, thus provides multiple options to the young aspirants who have keen interest in different phenomena of the earth. With the increase use of satellite technology and Geographical Information System in almost every sphere of life, Geography is becoming a more promising career option than it was ever before.
Degrees in geography:



Bachelor’s of Arts  Geography(BA)

3 year


Master’s of Arts Geography (M.A)

2 year


Bachelor’s of Science geography (B.Sc )

3 year


Master of Philosophy (M.Phil)

1-1.5 year


Doctorate of Philosophy

2-3 year


  • 10+2 Science
  • Bachelor’s degree for post graduation
  • Master’s degree for higher education


  • Cartography
  •  Urban and Town Planning
  • , Regional Planning
  • Physiography
  • Climatology
  • Oceanography
  • Population Studies
  • Economic and Environmental Geography

Skills required:

Specific technical skills directly relevant to geography-related careers include: field work, research and report writing, preparing maps and diagrams, using social survey and interpretative methods, collecting and analyzing information using various technical and laboratory-based methods for the collection and analysis of spatial and environmental information (e.g. GIS, remote sensing and mathematical modelling) and recognizing the moral and ethical issues involved in debates and enquiries.

Future prospects:

In the age of satellite technology and GIS, multiple career options are waiting for qualified and able geographer. They can work with various government departments and research institutes as cartographer, regional and urban planner. Several private sector organization using GIS and remote sensing technology also require the service of qualified geographer. Geographers also can join NGOs and other developmental agencies engaged in population studies, rural development and environmental issues. Teaching in schools/collages/universities is also a good option for geographers. They can also start their own coaching institutes or tutorials.

Top institutes for geography:

  • Presidency college
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • The Loreto college.