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Daily Digest : Your daily dose of knowledge.   Discover New Facts : » Future cars.   » LED's   » The Sun in A Chip.   » Robotics.   » Artificial Plastic Blood.   » Bacteria will Probably Produce Fuel for Our Cars.   » Breakthrough: A Time Machine, at Last?   » Computer Spread Aromas!   » Desalination Through Nuclear Power.   » "Electromagnetic Wormhole" May Make Us Invisible.   » Flying Cars Are Coming Next Year.   » Fuel Cell Prototype Works with Toxic Waste!   » New Experiment Suggests the Use of Carbon Dioxide as Fuel.   » New Hydrogel Can Repair and Regenerate Human Tissue.   » New Motor, Powered by Light.   » New Organic Materials for Making Solar Cells.   » New Technique Allows Paralyzed People to Operate a Computer.   » Non-Conventional Power Sources. Energy from the Waves.   » Paper That Needs 700° C to Burn.   » The Battery of the Future.   » The Smart Anti-accident Cars of the Future.   » What Is Behind the Migraines?   » Wireless Power Transmission May Soon Be a Fact.

About Our Portal

Nowadays, a lot of educational information is found on the web for providing guidance and assistance to Indian students. However most of this information is scattered and fragmented and moreover some of the information and services are available only at a cost. Maa Foundation has hence endeavored to develop a web portal which would provide valuable information to the entire education community- students, parents and teachers etc., all free of cost. The portal is targeted towards fulfilling the educational information needs of people of all the strata's of the society. Moreover the portal will also be launched in Gujarati and Hindi languages, which will cater to the rural and vernacular medium students also.

Career Counseling

This section contains

  • Details about various careers that can be opted by students of various streams
  • Aptitude test that will guide the students in selecting  a careers based on their abilities
  • Valuable information related to courses, colleges and universities in India.
  • Important details relating to admission procedures for study in some foreign countries.
  • Details about best colleges and institutes of national importance.

Assessment Tests

Under this section students can

  • Get information and opt for Mock CAT, GMAT, TOEFL, GRE and AIEEE tests
  • Get information about recruitment for government jobs through exams conducted by the UPSC.

Online Learning

This section will help students and teachers in

  • Learning and/or teaching English
  • Learning and/or teaching computers
  • Learning about the latest gadgets in the world of computers

Teacher's Section

This section is specially dedicated to the teachers

  • It contains teacher's assessment tests
  • Presentations on various topics helpful to teachers

Fun Zone

Here there are games for children as well as adults that will entertain and charge them.

Youth corner

This section has both, information and fun filled topics for children as well as adults.

  • Find out about the top 10 of everything
  • Watch videos on various topics related to personality development
  • Find out about the latest inventions and discoveries that has rocked the world of science in our news section
  • Daily digest:- This is a must read section for children as well as adults daily. Get your daily dose of knowledge on topics like entertainment, physics, knowledge, spirituality and emotions
  • Find out about the educational loans and scholarships available from various banks and institutions for study in India and abroad.
  • Get valuable career and interview tips.

Daily Digest

Daily digest is a section containing 365 topics. One new topic for each day. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality.

The 'About us' and 'Projects' section of the portal gives information about the activities undertaken by Maa Foundation and its working environment. The 'Events' section of the portal contains pictures about various recent activities conducted by Maa Foundation.

The Gujarati site contains detailed information about various projects of Maa Foundation and its current status. It also provides articles and presentations to help teachers improve their teaching abilities. The Online section of the Guajarati portal helps teacher/ students learn basic English and IT skills.