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About Us

"Noorbaimaa - The Visionary"

The reason for our existence
Noorbaimaa - The Visionary

Grandmother of Bilakhias

Why Maa Foundation?
  • Today India is progressing at a fast pace, but the benefits of the economic growth are limited to the people of the urban area
  • The benefits and effects of economic growth is not percolating to the rural areas.
  • Due to the growth in the service sectors in India there is a tremendous demand for skilled and educated workforce. This demand is continuously increasing.
  • Only if this requirement of skilled and educated workforce is met will India be able to emerge as a true economic superpower.
  • The benefits of the growth will percolate to the rural areas only if quality education reaches the most rural areas of the country.
  • The Indian education system today is facing a lot of issues like lack of infrastructure in schools, rote learning, lack of efficient and dedicated teachers, high dropout ratio, limited use of technology in teaching, high student- teacher ratio etc.
  • Looking at the gravity of these problems, efforts made by the government alone will not be sufficient. It is important that educated citizens of the country dedicate their time and money for improving the quality of education in the rural areas.
Maa Foundation is an endeavor made by the Bilakhia group in bringing to work hand in hand with the government to bring about educational reforms in the society.
About Maa Foundation
Maa means mother - MAA FOUNDATION is a Charitable (not-for-profit) organization completely funded by the Bilakhia family for bringing about educational reforms in the society.
  • The seeds of Maa Foundation were sowed back in 1907, through Noorbaimaa, a gold medalist and grandmother of the Bilakhia brothers, who taught them the importance of education.
  • Noorbaimaa who understood the importance of education even shifted her village so that her children could get the privilege of higher education.
  • She passed on the importance of education to her future generations, which has played a very important role in the growth and success of the Bilakhia family.
  • Maa Foundation is founded on the same ideals of ‘growth and prosperity through education’.
  • Maa Foundation aims at making the Valsad district a role model in the field of education.
  • In order to make the benefits of its effort available to all the states and districts of India it is making projects that are scalable, replicable and sustainable so that other committed individuals/ corporate can replicate them in areas of their interest/ vicinity.
Our Vision:-
To make the Valsad district a role model in the field of education.
Our Mission:-
To develop projects that are scalable, sustainable and replicable so that quality education can reach the most rural areas of India and the bridge between rural and urban education cab be bridged.
Maa Foundation – How are we different?
Maa Foundation is a synergy of an NGO and a corporate world. Professionalism is our code of conduct. Maa Foundation :-
  • is completely funded by the Bilakhia group.
  • the team of Maa Foundation is a good mix of young people from social, industry and business backgrounds, possessing degrees like Ph.D., B.E., MBA, MSE, B.Ed. etc.
  • operates at optimum cost so as to achieve maximum benefit.
  • works at grass root level, hand in hand with the government.
  • has professional working style, not less than any corporate.
  • believes in social accountability measurable in terms of rupees so as to achieve maximum benefit for the society from each rupee spent by it.
  • maintains highest level of efficiency and accountability in planning, executing and monitoring its projects.
Our Projects


This project aims at making each school of Valsad district a role model school.


Project Parvarish grooms the children with essential soft skills and provides them career guidance facilities.


Vidhya project provides scholarship to deserving but needy students of Valsad and Bhavnagar district.


Gnyan enhances the quality of teaching by conducting training programs for the teachers & motivating them by giving them awards and their due recognition.


Project Saath aims at creating a ‘Role Model School’ by improving its infrastructure, quality of education and by using creative methods in the teaching-learning process.


Project Udaan provides first generation learners who come from financially weak backgrounds with quality education.


Vikas aims at empowering the rural graduates with essential skills and knowledge so as to increase their chances of employability and/ or help them pursue higher education.


Samarthan is an educational portal with information on every area of education.

Community Projects

Apart from the above projects, Maa Foundation is involved in various other community projects for the welfare of the society.

To find out about the above projects in detail please visit the projects section of our portal.