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Daily Digest - December 11, 2018
Daily digest is your daily dose of knowledge. There are 365 topics and each day will cover a different topic. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality. Click on archive and view all the topics of the year.
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Lord Vishnu is as big as universe. One day, when Lord Vishnu desired to create the world. Suddenly a lotus appeared from Lord Vishnu’s navel. From that lotus Lord Brahma was born.

Lord Brahma started looking at the water on his four sides. He was scared looking at the water. By looking at the four sides Brahma got 4 heads.

Brahma created Earth.

He gave the responsibility to 4 persons to build the earth. But these people replied “NO”. Brahma got angry. While he was angry, a boy appeared from the center of the eyebrows of Lord Brahma. The boy from his birth started crying. This boy is called as Rudra, Shiv, Bhava, Kaal, Vamdev etc.

Yes, he is Lord Shiva.

There was a king named Dhayati. He was very proud man. He had a daughter named SATI who married to Lord Shiva. Once there was a YAGYA, there was no place for Lord Shiva to sit. Looking at this Sati got angry and committed suicide. In her next birth she was born as Goddess Parvati. With the advice of the Narad, Parvati started a penance in order to make Lord Shiva happy. At the same time there was a giant named TARKASUR. He had captured whole of the Heaven (SWARG). He had a curse that only Lord Shiva’s son could kill him. This was only possible if Lord Shiva would married Goddess Parvati. At the time Lord Shiva was doing his penance on Kailash parvat.

Kamdev, was sent by the deity to break the penance. Kamdev created natural beauty. Due to his disturbance in the penance, Lord Shiva got angry, opened his third eye and burned kamdev.

It is rightly said, one who drinks poison is known as MAHADEV. Even moon appeared from the churning the sea. Lord Shiva kept it on his head and was known as CHANDRASHEKHAR. Lord Shiva is also known as headmaster of knowledge. Sanskrit grammar and music was created by Lord Shiva’s Tabor (DAMRU). Ayurveda and Dhanuveda education was received from him.

Magical Attitude:

“Magical attitude is faith. Have faith in yourself.

Successful person believe in themselves. God has given all of us the talent and they are successful because they find what they are.

How to find? Examine things you love and do it well. Do things that brings joy. Keep working for what you believe. Concentrate on your dreams. In short, set goals, plan and work smartly.


Good thought :- When we are happy we never say, “God, Why you made me happy?” But when we are in Sorrow we always say “God, Why you gave me sorrow?”

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