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Daily Digest - November 13, 2018
Daily digest is your daily dose of knowledge. There are 365 topics and each day will cover a different topic. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality. Click on archive and view all the topics of the year.
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How many times in a day you make excuse?


  • Mother I will do my homework afterwards. But you haven’t done it in time.
  • And give an excuse to mom I saw a very knowledgeable channel on TV, which will help me a lot.
  • You promise your friend to help him/ her in project but you do not fulfill it and give an excuse I was out with my family.
  • You told your brother I will give you my toy but haven’t given him and you tell him I lost it.
  • You told the teacher I will bring activity to stick on a wall but you haven’t done it and give excuse I was ill.
  • Today you are unwilling to go to school and give an excuse I have a stomachache. What does it depict?
  • It shows you haven’t fulfilled your words and you don’t have self commitment. Your first and foremost thing in life should be self commitment.

There was a boy named Rocky. He was just like his name. He gets up late in the morning. Rushes to school but is late. Teacher asked him,” Why are you late again? And where is the activity?” He replied,” I forgot.” and says Sorry.

In recess, one of his friends comes to him and asked,” did you bring the storybook you were supposed to give me?” He replied,” I will not give you my storybook.” Friend,” Why? You promised me and I will return you back after I read it. You must keep your words.” Rocky,” I don’t care.”

Rocky returned from school, had lunch and started playing video game. His mother told him to do home work. Rocky said I don’t have any home work today. Then he went out to play with his friends. He returned back had his dinner and went to sleep, and he remembered he had homework. He did his homework till late night. Again he got up late. And this went on.

He grew up. He was average in studies and other activity. He got a job and was given a work to do. But he hadn’t done it and said’ I was just going to complete but my mother called me as she was ill. Thus he made another excuse. Slowly he started losing trust of the family members and others and he was unable to keep his words.

One day he got frustrated and went to a beach, sat on a rock and started thinking about the past. He realized that he hadn’t kept his words. That very day, he made commitment that he would never try to give excuse and fulfill whatever he promised to others.

So friends, Better late than never. He realized his mistakes and he corrected them. So why can’t we do from childhood? Yes, we can. Don’t let your excuses weaken your commitment.



Are you like this duck? You get all the facilities like good food, good friend. good parents, good school etc. Then also you complain, “ I feel Bored.” Why? Because of laziness. Because you don’t take initiatives. Because bad food habit makes you feel bored. Find out the reason why you feel bored. Overcome the problem. And start doing activity. And very soon you will start saying,” I like doing this.” Don’t waste your precious time.

  If you are like bored duck change your attitude and be active  

Good thought:- “ That which fills the universe I regard as my body, And that which directs the universe, I see as my own nature.” - Chang-tzu: Chinese poet.

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