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Daily Digest - March 22, 2019
Daily digest is your daily dose of knowledge. There are 365 topics and each day will cover a different topic. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality. Click on archive and view all the topics of the year.
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Obedience pays to become successful. Japanese people give utmost importance to obedience. Children are expected to obey their elders totally. Once a small child while playing went to a railway track just then his father saw a fast train coming on the track. So he shouted at his son to lie down immediately and not to get up unless he was told. The child obeyed. The train passed over. Then his father told him to get up. Thus obedience saved the child’s life.

Are you an obedient child?Do you know the God, who was the most Obedient one and did whatever his parents said? Yes, The Lord RAMA,You must have heard the story from your grandparents, watched it on the Television or read it in the book.I am going to tell you a brief story of Lord Rama.

Story of Lord Ram  

There was a king named Dashratha. He had 3 wives. When king wasfighting a battle, the axle of a chariot broke. So his queen Kaikeyi put her arm in the wheel and steadied chariot. King Dashratha won the battle and granted queen Kaikayi 2 boons. Kaikeyi replied,” I don’t want anything now,I will ask for it whenever I need them.”

King was blessed with 4 sons. RAMA, LAXMAN, BHARAT and SHATRUGHAN.One day king Dashratha decided to make Lord Rama his heir But Kaikeyi wanted Bharat to be the heir as he was her son and prince Rama was her step son. So she went to the king and said,” you promised to give me whatever I want. Today I willtell you my wish.”She asked king to make Bharat the heir and to banish Rama for the Exile in the forest.(Exile means VANVAS means to live in forest)

Lord RAMA was an obedient child. He did whatever his father said. To fulfill his father’s promise and his mother’s wish, Rama went in Exile along with brother Laxman and wife Sita. They faced many difficulties in forest.

One day while they were sitting in their hut, a golden spotted deer passed from there .Queen Sita demanded for the deer. To fulfill his wife’s wish Lord Rama went after the deer and ordered prince Laxman to look after Sita.

Suddenly they heard a voice.
Queen Sita and prince Laxman thought the voice was of Lord Rama, as if he was shouting for help. Queen Sita was tensed and ordered prince Laxman to go after his brother. But prince Laxamn did not agree, as he had to follow his brother’s order. But Sita insisted him to go and see if Lord Rama was in trouble.

Prince Laxman made a line called Laxman Rekha. And told queen Sita not to go out of this line. And he went after his brother Lord RAMA. While prince Laxman was gone, a saint came to queen Sita and asked for some food. Queen Sita came out and told the saint to take the food. Saint replied,” This is my insult. If you want to give, come out of this line and give me the food.”

Sita came out of the line and suddenly the saint changed into a Demon named Ravana who was the king of Lanka.He abducted Sita to his palace in Lanka. When Lord Rama and prince Laxman came home they didn’t find queen Sita in the hut.

They started searching in the forest.On their way they saw a Vulture wounded. The vulture (Jatayu) told them that a demon named Ravana took queen Sita along with him. They went ahead and while going towards they came across the river, Rama took the help of Hanumanji -the monkey and his team. Hanumanji played very important role in Ramayan- Rama’s life. He became the most dedicated disciples of Rama.

Lord Rama fought a war with Ravana.Lord Rama won the war. This was the victory of truth over the falsehood. This day is celebrated as Dashera i.e. End of all evils.

Lord Rama, queen Sita, prince Laxman returned back to Ayodhya after 14 years. That day is celebrated as Deepawali.

  • Lord Rama won against the evil.
  • He was an obedient child.
  • He was a person of rules and regulations.
  • He believed in law and order.
  • He was an idealist. He respected elders

Good thought: - The teachings of Lord Rama remind us that sorrow and joy, fear and anger,
gain and loss, life and death, indeed everything that happens, is due to the action of fate

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