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Daily Digest - October 21, 2018
Daily digest is your daily dose of knowledge. There are 365 topics and each day will cover a different topic. It gives valuable information on topics like physics, knowledge, emotions, entertainment & spirituality. Click on archive and view all the topics of the year.
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Socrates: -

Childhood of Hritik Roshan: Hritik Roshan was a well behaved child. He was shy and was respectful towards the teachers. He never had the purpose of playing prank in school. But the fact is he did mischief under the image of “good boy.” Once Hritik along with his family went to Bangkok. There he called in his room from the hotel lobby. When his mother answered the call, she heard the sound of an emergency alarm. Listening to this his mother and sister came running in their bathrobes holding passport in their hands.

He was mischievous in his childhood.

He loved spending time with his neighbourhood friends.

On Sunday, he used to go for a long run and come back and had elaborative breakfast. In the afternoon, he spent time with his friends and watch movie, followed by some work. In the evening, he read books and watched the sunset from the terrace. He believed in all religions teachings. This was all about Hritik Roshan’s childhood.

He was shy but developed skill in

  • Dance
  • Acting

It is difficult for a shy person to develop dancing, acting and verbal skill But he has acquired all these skills and got many awards for his acting skills.

Childhood of Shahrukh Khan:

Born in a Muslim family. He is very enthusiastic and cheerful from his childhood. He mimics the actress Mumtaz and recited the Urdu shayari. Shah Rukh's mother (Fatima Begum) was educated at Oxford, worked as a social worker and a magistrate while his father (Taj Khan) was a chief engineer. They met incidentally under strange circumstances. Shahrukh khan’s mother was injured in car accident. His father who happened to be at the hospital at that time, gave her blood. They eventually fell in love and married. His elder sister’s name was Shehnaz. Shahrukh claims to have had a decent childhood. Shahrukh did his high school from St. Columbia High School and later at St. Stephens college in Delhi. He had secured admission at the National School Of Drama, a premier institution then and pursued masters in film making from Jamia Millia Islamia. Shahrukh always knew what exactly he wanted to become. So, he informed his mother of his decision of acting. The supportive family backed him and never came in his way. He thus moved to Mumbai.

With his acting skill, he from small TV serial grew up as a big film star. He worked a lot, Struggle a lot and at last got fame a lot. This was all about Shahrukh khan.


All the teenagers are attracted towards the glitter and glamorous world of Bollywood, Hollywood. Not only to hear or see the glamour but to know and understand their hard work. There are lots of hard work and struggle behind this glitter and glamour world

FACTS :- French doctor, Rene T.H. Laennec invented stethoscope in 1815. It was one foot long hollow wooden cylinder. He put the one end on patients’ chest and heard the heart beats on the other end

Good thought :- Poking your fingers in your nose, biting the nails with the teeth, cracking your knuckles, putting finger in your mouth, putting sharp things like knifes etc in your mouth, putting keys etc in your mouth, spitting anywhere, scratching on the wall, writing anywhere in the book, taking other’s things, beating anybody etc, etc.Children do these types of things and the people living near feel irritated. We should not make other’s feel irritated but to leave the dirty habits.

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